Google 3 Pack Maps Results Just Out Of Reach?

Maps Liftoff Is The Leading Provider For 3 Pack Maps Consulting Designed To Get You Ranked Fast And Make You Money.

We don’t have to tell you how important it is that your client’s sites and even your lead gen sites are ranked in the 3 pack. Without it, you lose major visibility and more importantly phone calls and customers.  

And guess what? If you do any home services, you are competing with Google itself and it's paid 3 pack. So it's getting harder. But it doesn't have to be impossible. There is a way to win. 

What's that mean to you? It means you have to seriously up your game, big time or risk being edged out by competitors who understand how to get into the 3 pack and stay there. Want to know how we can help? Read on...

Here Are Some Screen Shots Of Just A Few Of Our Clients Crushing The 3 Pack Of Maps


Sucess Story :Simon Cornelius

" Quick update on this brand new site I'm building out for a doctor in a major metro area in the US. This stuff works guys and gals.

Following the process exactly per the maps training...

** BAAAM! #2 on maps in just a few days.***

And I haven't even begun sending any citations yet. There are a handful that exist already, but less than or equal to the local competition.

Oh, and I am painstakingly documenting this entire process for future clients. I used to be able to wing it, however with all the brain stuffing material we have now, it is a requirement.

**Update: It's #1 on maps now. & #10 organic "

Sucess Story :Bert , Orange County CA

"In our first year our law firm hired Brian Willie to generate business on the internet. The return on investment was fantastic. We estimate over $200,000 in new business was a direct result of Brian's efforts. I have never found a better marketing strategy and we had literally tried everything before we found Brian"

Sucess Story :Eric ,Austin, TX

From $175,000 a year to nearly $1.2 Million a year for my divorce practice. Brian is hands down the best marketer on the planet!

Sucess Story :Jennifer ,Austin TX

Brian is an online marketing master! He not only knows how to get leads online but he helped me turn them into paying clients! He's an amazing business strategist and I'd recommend him over and over again because he just gets it.

Sucess Story :Nathan , Austin ,TX

If you are looking for someone to do marketing for your company you need to call Brian Willie. His no-nonsense approach and skills will ensure you get results fast. He is very knowledgeable, ethical, and sincerely wants your business to succeed in every way!

Sucess Story :Joe Justin , FL

I have been very successful at ranking Google My Business for the company I work for. I am talking highly competitive terms in letters A thru C in Major cities like New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. I would NOT have been able to do this without your help. Thank You!"

Sucess Story :Mark Marino , Orlando FL

I'm starting an SEO agency in Orlando to help others businesses rank just like I've ranked my own businesses here. It's funny because my email box is inundated with people selling lousy SEO training and I feel so fortunate that I've come across the Local Client Takeover page that I don't even bother opening up any of the other emails from the supposed top rated SEO guys. Job well done guys. You've improved my local business and helped me to build a side business that is quickly becoming my primary income. The sky is the limit!

Sucess Story :Steve Johnson

I have been able to start implementing more of the Google My Business processes into our business and it is making us more money. We have both SEO clients and PPL Clients and have been able to implement for better results in both areas. It has led to thousands of dollars in new business for us. Pretty good ROI I would say. Thanks!!

Sucess Story :Janet Nivens

After months of trying to get a site in the maps... I was in the maps for a few cities in my area. These guys know their stuff and I am so grateful that I found their group. This is worth thousands of dollars.

Sucess Story :Armando Saenz

You could have sold your map module for $995 easy, good stuff. Just saying.

Sucess Story :Shawn Swinigan

The info Brian Willie is dishing out on the 3pk is priceless."

Sucess Story :Clint butler

Brian makes his maps training so easy, even the kitten gets it"

Time to stop spinning your wheels and wasting time "trying" to learn this on your own. Getting into the 3 pack gets more and more complex every single day. And every day you wait, you or your clients are losing a lot of money. It's that simple. 

Through our one-on-one coaching, I'll walk you through everything you need to know to put in place the right plan of action to get real results.

I'll help you shortcut your learning curve, so that you can rest easy, knowing you are taking just the steps to rank in Maps. 


All Sessions Include One Hour Of Private Coaching . During our coaching session, we'll sit down together over Skype or where we can share screens and accomplish more in an hour than you ever thought possible. 

We'll dive right in and get to root of any issues you are facing that may be keeping you from ranking very well in Maps.

We can approach these one-hour coaching sessions in a number of ways. Hey it's your time right? 🙂

Fixing Your Current Listing: If you have an existing Maps listing you are struggling with...we'll dive into the listing and the website and by the end of the hour, I'll have given you an actionable plan of exactly what to fix to start ranking very well. 

No Specific Listing? Don't have a specific listing in mind? That's ok too. We can spend the hour however you like. I can do a mini-training on how to rank any listing...all of the steps necessary to put any listing on track for top rankings. We can cover anything you'd like to learn or any issues you may be struggling with. It's totally up to you. 


Typically, an hour of coaching time is $997

However, for a limited time you and I can sit down for private coaching for just $997 $797 for a full hour.  I've also added an additional $200 off expiring coupon on the checkout page. Time slots fill up fast so be sure to lock in this savings. 

There is a catch however 🙂. This will be in exchange for a testimonial once your listing is rocking it. Sound fair? 


If for any reason at all, you didn't find value in our hour together, just let me know and I'll refund your money, no questions asked, no hassles, no notes needed from your mom. I promise. 

To book your private one hour Maps coaching session with Brian Willie, simply click the button below. After checkout, you'll be taken to a scheduling page where you can choose an available time. 

I'll look forward to our speaking and helping you crush it!

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